Courses; Module Topics:

Accounting/Finance/Budgeting; Marketing

While guests are less likely to encouter the professionals specializing in these areas, that doesn't make them any less important. In fact, continued success, growth and profitability depend upon them.  

As with many LHA courses of study, each of those below include emphasis on a having knowledge of the entire hospitality operation rather than a strictly limited focus on one area of operating. In fact, the students that study these courses are more likely, than anyone else, to be engaged in a position that does have control of the general operation.

Subjects, Concentrations - Certifications:

Managerial Accounting/Budgeting for Hospitality

AHLEI Certification

Revenue Management;

AHLEI Certification

Hospitality Analysis & Finance for Acquisitions/Repositioning;

LHA Certification

Marketing, E-Commerce & Convention/Events Management; 

AHLEI Certification



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